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"Bits & Bobs" Fundraising Event

Fri 20th Apr 2018

Now we know we don’t have to state statistics on the amount of lives Cancer has negatively affected, but what we are aiming to do is bring awareness that if caught early, certain strains of Cancer can be stopped! YES STOPPED!!

On Friday 20th April 2018 we are holding an event where you can get information that will help detect any issues with your “BITS & BOBS” for possible Prostate or Breast Cancer.

We will have an area in the venue where you can gain information on what you can do to detect any issues or what support you can do if issues are found.

Don’t worry there will be no long speeches or presentations just an area to talk within a venue supplying 2 rooms of quality music.

If you have suffered from either of these disease’s we would love to see you so you can share your journey with those possibly on a journey of their own.

We would like to thank ALL the DJs and PAs for offering their support to this event FREE of charge to help spread the word of Prostrate / Breast Cancer Awareness  

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