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Virtual Magican @ A screen near you!

Start Date : Tue 10th Nov 2020
End Date : Wed 31st Mar 2021
Lockdown or No Lockdown… CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!
Looking for ideas for a Christmas Party, and want to know how you can get your team involved without putting them all in the same room?
The answer is “VIRTUAL”
Are you looking to add some "Virtual entertainment" to a Christmas party or an online conference?
RME can arrange a unique virtual and fully interactive experience, mixing Magic and Mind reading. 
We have got together with our quality magicians and put together effects especially for this new type of direction of performance.
Some effects can also be customised with your company logo or by using keywords, USP or key messages. Everyone will get involved.
How does it work?

A show can last 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1hr. You can use your favourite platform and invite our Magician to your event or we can organise it all for you.

Contact us with your event date and requirements and let's get the Party started.  


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