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Virtual Cocktail Making @ A screen near you...

Start Date : Tue 10th Nov 2020
End Date : Wed 31st Mar 2021
Lockdown or No Lockdown… CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!
Looking for ideas for a Christmas Party, and want to know how you can get your team involved without putting them all in the same room?
The answer is “VIRTUAL”
You might already be an expert at drinking cocktails, but wouldn’t it be great if you could craft some concoctions of your own?
Now you can learn to mix, muddle and mash with a ‘Virtual Cocktail Masterclass’ from The Cocktail Service. Make, shake (and of course, taste!) your selection of cocktails at your very own masterclass.
The quality of your cocktails is (up to a point) directly in proportion to the quality of your ingredients. You can make a margarita with cheap tequila, but your head will not thank you the next day. On the other hand, you absolutely shouldn’t make a margarita with a good sipping mezcal—you’re wasting it!
For most cocktails, you’ll get the best result with a decent premium liquor—the kind of thing you see decent bars making cocktails with.
All our Masterclasses are carried out over Video Sessions and usually last approximately one hour depending on the size of the class and how many questions get asked etc.

Just to let mention, the weeks leading up to Christmas are getting booked up fast so if you do have a specific date/time in mind then let us know and we can check our availability for you. 



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